Philip Piek acquired his first service station in 1986 and is currently operating nine sites with ancillary businesses such as convenience stores, fast food outlets, bakeries, car washes, Woolworths food stops and coffee shops. He later became involved as a developer of service stations in terms of feasibility studies and construction of such properties.

We succeeded in building up the Piek Group of Companies with a healthy and increasing turnover and employing almost five hundred employees. These businesses have received recognition in various fields and the Piek Group of Companies is the preferred supplier to many industries.

We are currently engaged in the development of four new outlets in the Free State and Western Cape areas. One of our key strategies is to ensure that we are the landowners at most of our outlets as property and site developers.

The group’s assets mainly belong to the Piek family. We treasure the family business opportunity as our values bind the business and the family together with a shared vision on family values, future plans and the achievement of goals.
Our logo symbolises that our family PGC business is on a journey to the peaks (piek) of performance and delivery. And on this journey we as a family strive to close the gap between “human being” and “being human” in the best intrest of our clients.

The group is also involved in BEE participation through sound business partners and employee participation.