About Us

The businesses (service stations) form part of the national network of Engen and Sasol service stations and convenience stores, with the bulk of all marketing on national level done in conjunction with the promotional programmes of the oil companies (Engen and Sasol). Our focus is mainly to promote fuel products, forecourt service and our convenience assets. Our marketing and promotional plans are adapted frequently to ensure that excitement is sustained. In conjunction with these programmes, the other partners such as Steers, Corner Bakery, Wimpy and Woolworths run their own promotions which are normally price-driven to attract more customers. Site-specific marketing is focussed more on the local community, schools, university and CUT by means of loyalty programmes.

We strive to offer the best forecourt and convenience experience in the industry, keeping in mind that success must not go to our heads, nor failure to our hearts!


The Site Managers oversee all the activities including the line managers of the various departments. They are also responsible for communicating with the different Franchise and Oil organisations . The Site Managers are also responsible for the financial and sales performance of the businesses and report frequently to the CEO and company directors.

The various line managers are responsible for the sections such as the forecourt, convenience store, Steers, Corner Bakery, Woolworths, Wimpy and the Get Together coffee shops. They oversee all the day-to-day activities such as orders, sales, customer service, staff issues, stock takes, time tables, other retail efficiency functions such as hygiene, health and safety and the various marketing and promotional programmes. The line managers report to the site Managers on a daily basis. These managers are key to the well-being and overall image and ethics of the company.